Nominera till GWIIN 2015 senast 1 juli

"We are looking for exceptionally creative, inventive, innovative, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, technologists, designers from all sectors and background right across Europe. Our winners may be very different, but they will have in common: tenacity, the determination to succeed, commitment, extraordinary potential, someone whose positive influence could spread, transcending borders, something that can contribute to the future and quality of life on earth.
They may also have created a new device or system or process capable of impacting millions of people for the better. They may be brilliant scientists, or the inspired designers of simple, cheap technologies. They may have leadership qualities, attract loyalty and respect. They may inspire the support of colleagues and employees. They may build powerful teams, capable of dramatically leveraging the impact of their efforts. They are likely to be relentless in pursuing their goals. They hardly ever give up. If you would like to nominate someone for the INTERNATIONAL EU-WIIN Awards, please follow the instructions below."

Nomineringsblankett och mer information hittar du i pdf:en nedanför.




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