METIS Final Event in Brussels 29-30 november

All good things come to an end, and this week saw the culmination of the METIS project that began in 2019. With 18 partners from a number of European countries, the consortium worked tirelessly to address the skills shortage to enable the competitiveness of the European microelectronics sector.

The consortium gathered in Brussels with presentations from partners on the key results from the project, and they are impressive! There is a lot more to delve into, but the headline figures are 88 courses with over 150 organizations involved in testing.

The effects of the project will continue to be felt in the future, and we bring to your attention, the European Chips Skills Academy, which acts as a successor to METIS and aims to bridge the gap between education, training, and industry to tackle Europe’s skills and talent shortages. Many of our members will be a part of the new Academy so stay tuned for information!

Learn about METIS4Skills https://www.metis4skills.eu/