Program för EUWIIN 27-28 nov 2013 i Stockholm

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European Commission
DG Research & Innovation
Innovation Policy Unit
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
Apply NOW until 15 October for the EU Prize for Women Innovators!

After a successful first edition in 2011, the European Commission has launched the second edition of the EU Prize for Women Innovators to reward three women who have developed outstanding innovations and brought them to market.

The contest is open until 15 October 2013, 5:00 pm (Brussels time) to all women who have founded or co-founded their own company and who have at some point in their career benefited from the EU's research framework programmes or the Competitiveness and Innovation framework programme.

The first prize is EUR 100,000, second prize EUR 50,000 and the third prize EUR 25,000.

With this Prize, the European Commission aims to raise awareness about the contribution, potential and importance of Women researchers to entrepreneurship and to encourage women to exploit the commercial and business opportunities offered by their research projects and become entrepreneurs.

Compete and tell your story now to inspire other women to follow in your footsteps!

Applications can be submitted via the competition website until 15 October 2013 (5 p.m. Brussels time): www.ec.europa.eu/women-innovators

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On behalf of the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) and QSave Sweden, it gives us great pleasure to bring EUWIIN 2013 – an European and International wide not-for-profit initiative to your notice and invite WITEC to be a part of this most important occasion.

We would like as many innovative women and in particular sectors that promote science, engineering and ICT to join us at this event. We invite you WITEC to join us and collaborate by supporting the aims of EUWIIN 2013.

EUWIIN was launched at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2006 and has since held bi-annual events across Europe with the first bi-annual events held in Belgium , Germany , Finland , Iceland and now to be held in the fascinating city of Stockholm, Sweden. This year, we are promoting our international collaboration a lot more with a special panel looking at emerging new markets with a  view to encouraging more international collaboration and partnership opportunities..EUWIIN was launched at the European Parliament in 2006 in Brussels and has since held bi-annual events across Europe with the first bi-annual events held in Belgium, Germany, Finland, Iceland and now to be held in the fascinating city of Stockholm. We are pleased to inform you that we would be having representation from the European Commission and can confirm that two MEP’Ss will be joining us and participating at the EUWIIN International 2013.

As a collaborating organisation we hope you would assist with the following:

1.    Encourage the nomination of innovative women from Sweden (nomination attached) closing date 25 September 2013

2.    Seek support for the women to attend and register to participate at the EUWIIN

3.    Promote the event to your members and as many women and relevant stakeholders as possible

4.    Make recommendations that enhance the EUWIIN programme such as recommendations for Speakers, Judges for the Judging Panel, possible sponsors or donors as well as other relevant support organisations

We are expecting approximately 200 innovative and influential business owners and professionals at the conference and Awards ceremony where our theme this year is Accelerating Growth in Product & Service Innovation in Europe and beyond. The focus of this event is to promote the Social and Economic Empowerment of Women in relation to fast -tracking of skills development, knowledge transfer, intellectual property rights, access to finance, product development, manufacturing, equity and commercialization, international trade and all aspects covering the successful exploitation of viable innovative ideas.

Please do note that the conference and awards registration fees per person for WITEC  shall be at the discounted fee of 250Euros. This covers access to the full programme of events including exhibiting opportunities, light refreshments, lunch, gala dinner awards and the conference pack. Delegates would be responsible for their own travel and accommodation. We therefore urge you to seek funding from sponsors and donors that may provide assistance should you require this.

A full detailed programme of events would be ready and sent in October 2013.

Sverige på plats i EU-parliamentet den 25 april "Women and ICT"

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