avslutade EU-PROJEKT

Sedan Sveriges inträde i EU har WiTEC SWEDEN i samarbete med olika partner
i Sverige och övriga Europa bedrivit ett flertal projekt för att öka jämställdheten och stärka kvinnors ställning inom traditionellt mansdominerade sektorer som teknik, naturvetenskap, IT och ekonomi.

Right now we are working in Sweden to market the project MIND THE GAP! who created new educational tools to attract more women to apply in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).
Read more about the project here

Image from one of the popular career circles run within Mind the Gap! in Great Britain.

"She decides, you succeed" 2014-2016 is an EU project that aims to promote gender equality in the private sector by developing a toolbox to spread the benefits to companies of having more women in their financial decision-making positions. The project's partners will conduct research and develop a guide/toolbox that contains clear reasons why private companies should be interested in increasing the number of women in their decision-making positions. Fifteen female leaders will then be selected and trained to visit over 150 companies and encourage them to facilitate women's access to decision-making positions.

Read more about "She decides, you succeed" on AFAEMMES website


which were operated from Sweden, or where WiTEC SWEDEN participated as a partner:

  • TYNET 50+
  • Student Placement Programme
  • Preface 2002-2005
  • GROW
  • JASS
  • IFAC - Information
    for a choice
  • NTG Jämställdhet
  • KrAft