Our projects

supports women's careers
in innovation and entrepreneurship

Since the 1990s

WiTEC has successfully had extensive internship activities in EU countries. At the same time, WiTEC has run several projects with the aim of increasing the number of women in technical and natural science fields as well as supporting women's career development in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The question of breaking the gender segregation in working life, and getting more women interested in the male-dominated technology-oriented sector, is at least as relevant today as when WiTEC started over 25 years ago. Through our projects, we help support women's careers in innovation and entrepreneurship, while building networks both nationally and internationally.

EU projectS

Since Sweden's entry into the EU, WiTEC SWEDEN,
in collaboration with various partners in Sweden and the rest
of Europe, has conducted several projects to increase
gender equality and strengthen the position of women in
traditionally male-dominated sectors such as technology,
natural sciences, IT and finance.