meeting places for female students and recent graduates in STEM
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our history

an effort for gender equality

The question of breaking gender segregation in working life and getting more women interested in the technology-oriented sector is at least as relevant today as when WiTEC was founded over 35 years ago. Since the start in 1988, we have worked to increase the number of women who study or work in technical and natural science fields.

With research, development and education projects, we have not only supported women's career development, but also strengthened women's position in male-dominated businesses and areas. Since its inception, the network's focus has been on various forms of internships, and WiTEC has awarded scholarships to more than 1,000 female students for business internships in other European countries.

Since the 1990s

Has WiTEC successfully had an extensive practice activity in EU countries. At the same time, WiTEC has run several projects with the aim of increasing the number of women in technical and natural science fields as well as supporting women's career development in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Since Sweden's entry into the EU, WiTEC SWEDEN, in collaboration with various partners in Sweden and the rest of Europe, has conducted several projects to increase gender equality and strengthen the position of women in traditionally male-dominated sectors such as technology, natural sciences, IT and finance.

The question of breaking gender segregation in working life, and getting more women interested in the male-dominated technology-oriented sector, is at least as relevant today as when WiTEC started. Through our projects, we help support women's careers in innovation and entrepreneurship, while building networks both nationally and internationally.

WE create meeting places

Where students and newly graduated women can meet businesses, organizations and companies within Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM).




Important years in WiTEC's history

The network WiTEC is founded in connection with the EU project COMETT.

Gender and work science researcher Agneta Hansson at Halmstad University starts WiTEC's operations in Sweden.

With 8 other EU countries, we form the European Association for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology. Together we create an international network of companies, universities, organizations and individuals with coordinators and national secretariats.

WiTEC is lifted out of Halmstad University.

WiTEC's founder Agneta Hansson takes the initiative to form a non-profit association under the name WiTEC SWEDEN to work further with the goals they have been working towards since the start in 1988.