Social Media Sisterhood


SMSWomen project stands for "Social Media Sisterhood".
The purpose of the project is to increase migrant women's integration and employability in the labor market through training in social media. In this project, we collaborate with project partners from Great Britain, Portugal, Italy and Sweden. Project owner is IKF Malmö - International Women's Association Malmö. The project is an Erasmus+ project of three years and ends in August 2020.

At the end of January 2020,
the fourth project meeting of the SMS WOMEN project was held in Bologna Italy. The meeting was hosted by STEP Europe.
The project has reaped success both in terms of achieved goals and as an example. Swedish UHR, the responsible authority in Sweden for EU projects, has appointed SMS WOMEN as a role model for how to run the EU's Erasmus+ project. Something we are very proud of!

All material regarding social media is available to the public at  www.hub.smswomen.eu . You are welcome to log in and take part in this.
Read more about the project at  www.smswomen.eu