Tynet 50+

TYNET 50+ was an EU project 2012-2014 with the goal of creating a model for intergenerational learning that promotes gender equality, lifelong learning, and increased interest in ICT among women 50+.

Representatives from seven EU countries participated in the project. The starting point was how families communicate across age, country and cultural boundaries.

The project lasted for three years (2012-2014) and the representatives met during four seminars, one of which was arranged on 25/4 2013 by WiTEC SWEDEN at Apelrydsskolan in Båstad. The three other seminars were arranged in Athens, Barcelona and Bologna.

"The aims of the partnership have been achieved in a very good way. Communication and distribution of tasks among partners have been very efficient and appropriate showing a clear added value of European co-operation. The activities carried out during the two years are of good quality and in line with the partnership objectives. The impact on the trainees and teachers is good especially on the organisation and the local community. The impact and progress have been evaluated in a consistent and systematic way. Good measures have been implemented to ensure dissemination and use of results within the own organisation and the local community."

Universities and the University Council of Sweden (UHR)

The picture above shows (most of) the participants at the TYNET 50+ first seminar in Båstad.