currently consists of five women who all have extensive experience  in education, entrepreneurship, EU cooperation, business and academia

Anca Maria Dumitrescu, chairman of the board

Ancas erfarenhet och kompetens inom nätverksbyggande, projektledning, mentorskap och styrelsearbete är till stor nytta för WiTEC.

Med stor passion för att hjälpa människor och företag att utvecklas, har hon byggt upp ett stort kontaktnät. I WiTEC är Anca engagerad i externa uppdrag inom projektledning samt organisations- och verksamhetsutveckling. 

E-mail: anca.dumitrescu@witec.se

Telephone: +46 (0) 723091919

Pia Ulvenblad, board member and vice-chair

Pia works at Halmstad University as a docent in business administration with a focus on organization and leadership. She also runs her own company Ledarpraktikan AB with a focus on training and coaching in leadership and business development for green industries.

Pia has experience from banking and audit operations as well as research and development within a number of different industries in both small and large organizations; incubator operations, technology companies, food companies, agriculture and forestry, process industry. Among other things, she conducts research on women's entrepreneurship and has helped start the LENA network for women in academia at Halmstad University.



Ema Krcic, board member

Ema has a master's degree in computer engineering from Halmstad University in the field of AI. She also received the award "Women who are good role models in Halland" for her dedicated work where she founded the student association for female engineers, ADA.

Ema has experience as a development manager and course manager at KomTek, where she was responsible for developing programming courses and holding training for new hires. She also works as a software developer and today Ema works as a data analyst at Devoteam Creative Tech.



Elham Mozafari, board member

An inquisitive mind in pursuit of new challenges, especially if it requires research before implementation. Elham has a PhD in computational and theoretical physics where she worked a lot with data processing and data visualization. She has been involved in the SW development process both as a developer and tech lead for several years and also has practical experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Ozana Jaurelius, board member and treasurer

Economist from the Gothenburg School of Economics and has experience and a strong interest in finance, marketing and sales. She has, among other things, previously worked as a market manager in an international company and today she runs a trading company within cryptocurrencies and is a co-owner and manages the finances of Dvoro Bygg.  
With previous experience of board work in i.a. Rotaract, she is currently also a board member of her condominium association.